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Cardio e-Tec - Advanced short course in Electronic Technologies and Communication


The short comprehensive course in Electronic Technologies and Communication in Cardiology (Cardio e-Tec) aims to update the specific knowledge of health professionals, scientists, industry managers and hospital administrators on the advanced use of implantable and non-implantable (but wearable) medical equipment used for diagnosis, monitoring, prevention and therapy prescription. The course provides an overview of the technical features and use of medical devices in cardiology as well as specialist training in modern health communication strategies, techniques, and concepts. Extensive discussions emphasize the challenging issues that are critical to the biomedical innovation process. During the course, participants are able to develop a plan for a new medical device as part of an interdisciplinary team. At the end of the session participants should have acquired an in-depth understanding of the use and application of electronic technologies in cardiology and be ready to take on a leading role in the biomedical engineering process.

For more information: Dr Heidrun Flaadt Cervini, Director.