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Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA)


Markets, organizations and other social arrangements result from communication processes. This has become even more evident today, when the scale, speed and geographical extension of our interactions challenge institutional boundaries. Non-market logics and multi-stakeholder conversations and collaborations are questioning traditional forms of management and of value, asking organizations and consumers to act sustainably, for example by addressing issues of waste or contributing to the well-being of communities and marginalized regions.

The Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA) adds to the discipline of management by addressing how communication processes and marketing activities contribute to the organizing of institutions such as markets and organizations. It is active in various fields of marketing (e.g. branding, consumer culture theory, strategic marketing) and communication management (e.g. corporate communication, organizational communication).

IMCA’s communicative and interdisciplinary approach has allowed the Institute to develop a relational, processual, and cultural reading of organizations, business networks, communities of stakeholders and consumers. IMCA distinguishes itself for its focus on qualitative methodologies, in particular case studies, ethnographies, and visual analysis.

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