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Institute of Computing (CI)


Human thinking and decision making are transformed by unprecedented advances in mathematics, software and computer hardware. Computing has revolutionized our intellectual capacity to tackle complex problems and it is transforming the arts, sciences and every aspect of our society. Computing assists our commute, the storage and processing of our Data and it is instrumental in our efforts to analyze the Human Genome, to project Climate change and analyze the evolution of our Society. Computing is part of our everyday life and it has become indispensable for our efforts to overcome the complexity of our Information age. Simply put: Computing is essential for human evolution and survival.

The Institute of Computing at USI fosters a synergistic advancement of various components of computing. It will co-evolve multiple computing modes and advance mathematics, algorithms and software to address the challenges presented by scientific and societal problems. There is urgency across disciplines for developing and harnessing such new modes of computing. We envision that we will provide the foundations of this new form of computational thinking and, at the same, time tools to assist in projecting simulations and data science and its effects on humanity as well as extracting structure from massive amounts of Data as they emerge across our Society.

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