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Andrea Gamberini


Born in Milan in 1970, he is a professor of medieval history at the University of Milan.

His research interests focus on Late Medieval Italy and fall into four main strands: political and social history of the 13th-15th centuries (with special attention for the state-building process, the relations between city and countryside, and social mobility), political languages and communication (both written media and visual culture/iconography), and ecclesiastical history (mainly the episcopate).

Andrea was the Fowler Hamilton Visiting Research Fellow at Christ Church, Oxford, and has since been a Member of this College. He was also a Visiting Professor at Kyoto University, and a Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge, after which he was elected Life Member. As “nominated fellow” he joined the IASH - Institute for the Advance Studies in the Humanities in the University of Edinburgh. Andrea is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

He sits on the Editorial Board of “Quaderni Storici", and is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of “Studi Storici. Rivista della Fondazione Gramsci”, and “Studi di storia medioevale e di diplomatica”. Andrea is a co-editor of the series “Renaissance History, Art and Culture” (Amsterdam University Press) and “Studi di Storia Lombarda” (Milan, Unicopli). He is also a member of the editorial board of the series “Storia/Studi e ricerche” (Milan, FrancoAngeli).

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