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Academic teaching


Goal of this course is to provide PhD students and teaching assistants of the Faculties of Communication Sciences at USI with a basic training on Teaching and Learning at the Bachelor and Master levels. That competence will integrate their competences in research, with a significant benefit for their future academic career.
At the end of the course participants will:

  1. know basic notions of pedagogy and didactics and their implications for the teaching practice;
  2. be able to consistently design teaching activities with a proper selection of teaching strategies;
  3. be able to effectively run teaching activities, using the appropriate tools and managing students in the classroom;
  4. be able to design and run effective evaluations of teaching activities;
  5. be more aware of the most important learning/teaching dynamics.

Course Structure
The in-presence workload for participants will be 28 hours (3 ECTS):

  • 20 hours of classes
  • 8 hours for the presentation & discussion of a final lecture


  • Principles of teaching and learning I
  • Principles of teaching and learning II
  • Fundamentals of Instructional design
  • ICT in teaching & learning
  • Assessment, evaluation and tutoring/mentoring
  • Lectures by students and debriefing I
  • Lectures by students and debriefing II

Evaluation and accreditation
Participants will be required to:

  1. prepare a 40-minutes lecture about a topic they feel confident with; they will teach their lecture during the last classes
  2. write a short report about the Instructional (re-)design process they have adopted for the preparation of the lecture.



Cantoni L.

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