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Strategic Management in Public and Non Profit Sector


Strategic planning is based on the premise that leaders and managers of public and nonprofit organizations must be effective strategists if their organizations are to fulfill their missions, meet their mandates, and satisfy constituents in the years ahead. With increased emphasis on performance measures, both public and non profit organizations are seeking a new strategic planning approach. Strategic "management" is an ongoing process that integrates strategic planning with other management systems.
The objective of this course is to introduce students to the field of strategic management as it is applied in public and nonprofit organizations.
The course is divided into two parts. A first set of sessions, firstly, comes to terms with what strategy is and how strategy develops within organizations. Theoretical foundations of strategy formation are explored.  Secondly, it tackles the issues related to the tools for strategy formulation presenting tools help the organizations to create the rational understanding for envisioning and supporting sustainable policies. Matrices for the environmental analysis, positioning map, stakeholders’ analysis, trend analysis, etc. are among the strategic tools investigated.



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Master of Arts in Economics and Communication in Public Management and Policy, Corso di specializzazione, Management ed economia pubblica, 2° anno