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Banking Strategies


The course introduces the attendees in the definition of a Strategy for a Financial Institution, starting from client´s Segments, going through products and services and different Business Areas: retail Banking, Private Banking, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Asset Management.
In elaborating a strategy, it would be necessary to define, first of all, the objectives, then a SWOT Analysis of the current positioning of the Company in the reference Market, in order to be able to offer a Value Proposition and to adopt a Delivery Model.

To be efficient and consistent  in implementing a new strategy, it also means to comply with rules and regulations, in particular applying the standards in term of capital, Risk Management and proper  organization.
During the course we will focus particularly on the current market conditions, on the difficulties affecting the banking institutions , as well as on the important structural changes known by the financial industry.
Some "Case Study" will be also analyzed during the lessons, leaning on more than 20 years experiences accumulated by the lectures.



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