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Intercultural Communication


Drzewiecka J.

Docente titolare del corso


This course will advance understanding of key concepts and theories applicable to current intercultural situations, relations, and debates in national and international contexts. We will examine culture, multiculturalism, diversity, ethnicity, cultural citizenship and other related concepts. Readings will extend and illustrate these concepts with case studies of interactions in institutional, interpersonal and mediated settings. Lectures and discussions will focus on issues that are currently debated in many places and sometimes spark intense disagreement or controversy. We will explore these from different angles to understand why individuals and groups disagree and how to enhance engagement. Students will be challenged to think outside of the dominant norms and disagree in the spirit of critical exploration.
Students will be assessed based on in-class assignments/participation, a final paper and a final exam.
All lectures, readings and discussion will be in English.

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