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Destination Management and Marketing


The course deals with the concept of "Destinations" as the competitive unit and crystallisation point of the tourism offer in incoming tourism. Because Destination Management and Destination Marketing are so much interlinked the two courses are covered by this course outline. Students at the end of this course should be able to:

  • identify and evaluate relevant trends in tourism demand and supply
  • define and identify destinations and places of attraction
  • analyse the competitive position of destinations and learn methods as well as tools for strategic destination management
  • analyse the marketing environment and develop marketing strategies and marketing plans for destinations
  • know the special challenges of destination finances management
  • evaluate and design possible management structures in destination governance
  • understand the new concept of the St. Gallen Model and the application of Strategic Visitor Flows inside a Destination.

Teaching methods include lectures, discussions, in-class exercises and case studies.


Beritelli, Reinhold, Laesser and Bieger (2015), The St. Gallen Model for Destination Management



Beritelli P.

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Master of Arts in Economics and Communication in International Tourism, Corso obbligatorio, Conoscenze di base, 1° anno