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Introduction to Institutions and Economics of Pension and Aging


This course provides an introduction to public policy making by discussing the normative (public economics) and positive (political economics) approach. The course focuses on welfare states and pension systems. It addresses relevant current issues, such as population aging, retirement policy and pension reforms. The course is worth 3 credits. It is structured around regular lectures and students' presentations. The course is followed by a subsequent course denominated Pension Economics and Finance (worth 3 additional credits). Students interested in the topic are strongly advised to take both courses.


Public and Political Economics of the Government Intervention

  • Government Intervention in the Economy: Data, Facts and Relevant Issues
  • Normative Approach to Public Intervention
  • Politics of Public Intervention

Welfare State Programs

  • Welfare State: Demand for Insurance, Origins & Main Programs
  • Health Care
  • Pension Systems: Goals, historical aspects and main features
  • Individual savings decisions and life-cycle models

Retirement Policy

  • Individual retirement decisions
  • Early retirement

Politics of Pensions

  • Political Support for Pensions

Students’ Presentation



Galasso V.

Docente titolare del corso

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Anno accademico
Offerta formativa
Master of Science in Economics, Corso obbligatorio, Minor in Public Policy, 1° anno
Master of Science in Economics and Communication in Financial Communication, Corso a scelta, Corso a scelta, 2° anno
Master of Science in Economics in Economia e Politiche Internazionali, Corso obbligatorio, Conoscenze di base, 1° anno