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Balachandran Nair L.

Docente titolare del corso


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students: Can describe the common features of basic qualitative research and use the right terminology.Will have knowledge about the research process involved in a basic qualitative study.Will have knowledge of the ethical considerations involved in a basic qualitative study. Can critically evaluate the suitability of a qualitative research design, sampling, and data collection technique for use with different .research questions.Can employ inductive analysis of qualitative data.Can cite the key elements of quality assessment in qualitative research methods. Will have knowledge of how to report a scientific research project in a written format.

Course Description

Qualitative research methods are often used when the research focus is on exploration, description, and understanding of a social phenomenon from the perspectives of those being studied (e.g., case study research and grounded theory). This course is an introduction to qualitative research with a ‘how-to’, practical focus. The purpose of this course is thus to equip students to critically read, design, conduct, report, and assess qualitative research projects. The structure of the course reflects the research process starting with the generation of a research question, research design, ethical considerations, sampling, data collection, data-analysis and the writing of a good quality research report.

Learning Methods

This course involves a semi-interactive way of working, with the aim of achieving high learning performance. The activities involved in this course are related to the process of doing qualitative research. Half of the meetings will generally consist of lectures and exercises covering the topics for that week. During the other half of the meetings, the emphasis will be on hands-on training of skills (interviewing, data-analysis in NVivo software), and group work.

Examination Information

The students will be evaluated on the basis of an exam that accounts for 100% of their final grade. The exam will consist of short answer type questions, drafted so as to check both their theoretical and applied knowledge of basic qualitative research.

Required Material

Ritchie, J., Lewis, J., McNaughton Nicholls, C., Ormston, R. (Eds.) (2003). Qualitative research practices: a guide for social science students and researchers. Sage: London. Find a pdf copy at: https://mthoyibi.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/qualitative-research-practice_a-guide-for-social-science-students-and-researchers_jane-ritchie-and-jane-lewis-eds_20031.pdf

Information about specific chapters from the book as well as other relevant reading material will be communicated to the students in due course. Additional reading material (if any) will also be made available during the meetings.

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