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Investor Relations


Pre-requisites: Essentials of Finance

Course description
The purpose of this course is to help students understand how and why investor relations are an
important part of the corporate communication mix. The course discusses the capital marketplace;
the main theories and concepts of investor relations; as well as its particular methodologies and
practices. In exercises, students will analyze communication challenges and will learn to develop
implementation strategies and solutions. Students will become familiar with the fundamentals,
contents, target groups, instruments and legal framework of investor relations. They will learn the
communication needs of the corporate lifecycle, both in continuing investor relations (financial
calendar work) and in relevant capital market transactions such as mergers & acquisitions or initial
public offerings.

There will be an individual exercise and a group exercise, each is marked with a maximum of 1.0
grade points. The exam will be worth a maximum of 8.0 grade points. There will also be one
unmarked group exercise.

Selected reading material will be provided in class.

Knight, Richard (2010) Some background on investor relations: its growth and spread. Investor
Relations Society: London. [pdf supplied]

Köhler Kristin, (February 22, 2016) The five functions of investor relations. IR Magazine. [pdf
supplied] https://www.irmagazine.com/articles/people-careers/21276/five-functions-investorrelations/

Laskin, A. (2008) Investor Relations. Institute for Public Relations: Florida, USA.

Guimard, A. (2012) Maximizing value through strategic investor relations. The African Securities
Exchanges Association (ASEA) Newsletter 2012 Issue 1 (p11-13): Nairobi, Kenya. [pdf supplied]

Finno,A. & Brusch, M. (2015) 2015 Global IR Considerations. National Investor Relations Institute,
USA. [pdf supplied]



Traverse-Healy K.

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