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Field Project


Gibbert M.

Docente titolare del corso

Maślikowska M.




The Field Project represents an important occasion for connecting up with a real-life environment and the economic, social, and environmental issues in which students (and the organizations employing them, be they for profit, non-profit or governmental) and it is evaluated and graded on the basis of the quality of the final report, client satisfaction, and team work.


The pedagogical content is organized around informal as well as formal elements. A strong part of the pedagogy is the informal interactions with the client organization over the course of a semester. Apart from the informal interaction, after a first kick off meeting, there are two formal presentations to the Client Company: a mid-Project status presentation and a final presentation.

Learning Methods

The consultancy project is conducted by a group of the students with a professor, who assists the team in managing contacts with the client-company, in the development of the project and in the preparation of the final report and presentation of findings to the client company.

Examination Information

The performance is evaluated on a group basis, and in particular on the quality of the final report, the intermediate report, and the performance in two ‘laboratories’.

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