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Financial Accounting (Management)


Tettamanzi P.

Docente titolare del corso



Students are only expected to know already the basic terminology of companies’ management and performance.



The main objective of this course is to develop participants’ skills in preparing and reading financial statements, also to understand the company’s performance.



  • Course presentation: Financial Accounting – Introductory Notes, Double entry bookkeeping, Balance sheet and income statement formats
  • Companies’ start up: Purchases and sales, Employees’ compensation
  • Investments in fixed assets: Cases and exercises
  • Financing transactions: Cases and exercises
  • Adjusting and closing entries – The preparation of financial statements. Cases and exercises
  • Review session: Presentation of financial statements according to IAS/IFRS.
  • Review session

Learning Method

Face-to-face lectures, Exercises, Case studies/Incidents


Exam Style

Written exam at the end of the course. Students are allowed to use calculators, but the exam is “closed books” (no additional material is permitted).


Requested Material

No material is requested, except for the calculator.

The teaching material will be handed-out by the instructor through the web-learning (www.icorsi.ch). Such material includes the original text of some accounting standards, teaching notes, slides, case-studies and exercises.



P. Tettamanzi, G. Blandano, S. Goodman, (edited by), “Basic Accounting”, WoltersKluwer, Milano, 2014 (https://shop.wki.it/ebook/ebook-basic-accounting-s511611/).

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