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Temporal Consciousness


The course provides students with an introduction to the place of the philosophy of temporal experience within the philosophy of mind (in particular the philosophy of modes, contents and intentionality) and its relations to the metaphysics of time. It looks first at the relations between perception and the present, memory and the past, expectation and the future, the theory of indexicality, body consciousness and then at the relations between folk-psychology and the B-theory. Among the questions to be discussed are: What is the relation between the time of experience and the time of the objects of experience? Is the concept of the past an indexical concept? Is there non-conceptual awareness of the past? Are there temporal perspectives? Are philosophers of time and of time-consciousness systematically misled by linguistic pictures? Is the distinction between the present and the past mind-dependent or organism-dependent?


Students will be evaluated based on a final research paper.



Mulligan K.

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Master of Arts in Philosophy, Corso di base, Corsi obbligatori, 1° anno