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Organizational Behavior (L.)


Lomi A.

Docente titolare del corso


Organizational behavior is a course in applied behavioral and social science that examines the factors influencing individual, group, and firm behavior. Topics covered include preferences, motivation, incentives, social networks, social influence, intergroup collaboration and conflict, and organizational structure and change. The general objective of the course is to provide the conceptual tools for enhancing managerial judgment and for supporting strategic thinking about a wide variety of individual and team decisions within organizations.


The overview textbook assigned for this class is “Organizational Behavior” (Version 2.0) by Talya Bauer and Berrin Erdogan, published by Flat World Knowledge. The text may be viewed via: http://catalog.flatworldknowledge.com/catalog/editions/bauer_2-0-organizational-behavior-2-0. Participants may also purchase the text on line by visiting:
http://students.flatworldknowledge.com/course/2537455. Digital access passes for tablets, e-readers, and smartphones are available for students who are not interested in buying a paper copy of the book.

Evaluation of coursework is based on the combined result of class participation, two prelim exams and a final exam.

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