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People Management and Leadership in Public Sector


Sancino A.

Docente titolare del corso

Barreca M.



Who are public leaders and what do they do? How can public leaders effectively manage people within and across public organizations? What are the main practices of public leadership to cope with contemporary societal challenges? This course will provide a critical and advanced overview of some of the most relevant issues in people management and leadership in the public sector. The course will be structured around the main levels and spheres of action in people management and public leadership (within organizations, across organizations and within democratic arenas). Students will have the opportunity to discuss, debate and provide recommendations about contemporary issues in public leadership both with reference to Switzerland and internationally.

The course aims to:

  • understand key trends and advanced topics in people management in the public sector,
  • learn the main approaches and theories in public leadership studies,
  • critically recognize and analyze public leadership examples.

The course is given through frontal lectures of 4 hours. Teaching methods combine lectures, guest speakers, and use of plenary debates, class assignments and group project presentations. Class Partecipation is considered essential in order to develop a critical understanding of the concepts presented.

Two types of assessment will determine this final grade: group project and oral exam.

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