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International Business


Edman J.

Docente titolare del corso


By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of:

  • The motivations for why firms expand overseas
  • The cultural, political, geographic, and economic factors to consider when selecting foreign markets to enter
  • The sources of competitive advantage that allow firms to compete in foreign markets
  • The different strategies firms employ in the global marketplace

International market expansion is inevitable for any firm that seeks to grow and prosper in the global economy. Yet internationalization comes with significant challenges: why and how should firms internationalize? What markets should (and shouldn’t!) they enter? What competitive advantages arise from internationalization, and how can these be coordinated? In this course we address each of these questions, using a combination of case studies, real-world problem solving, and lectures. Based on frameworks developed at the Harvard Business School, the course provides students with practical tools for international business strategy.

This is a highly interactive course where much of the learning will be done through case discussion, group projects and problem-based learning, both offline and online. Lectures and presentations by the instructor will be kept to a minimum, while students will be asked to make group presentations on relevant topics and subjects.

Attendance is voluntary, however please note that the course grade is based on class participation and interactive group work.

  • Class participation: 20% (based on a three-point scale)
  • In-class group work: 20%
  • Final group presentations: 30%
  • Final exam: 30% (Multiple choice)

The course will be based on readings and cases downloadable from Harvard Business School Press. Students registering for the course will be provided a link and complete list of readings. Please use the iCorsi platform to access materials, and also to raise any questions you might have for the course.

Enrollment required. Limited number of participants.

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