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Business Travel Management



  • to deepen students’ understanding of the business travel industry and the trends shaping the market;
  • to provide learners with the knowledge on the types of business travel focusing on corporate travel;
  • to introduce students to the world of travel management companies, their clients, and a variety of travel suppliers.

Description / Program

What is business travel and which types of business travel exist? What is a typical portrait of a corporate traveler and who is a travel manager? Is business travel a cost or an investment for companies? Who are the major players in business travel and which are the latest industry trends? Any similarities and overlaps between business and leisure travel? Finally, what will happen to business travel post-COVID?

These questions and many more will be answered during this course. We’ll start tapping into the world of business travel defining its scope and exploring its nature and main drivers. We shall be investigating the principal stakeholders on the market - buyers, suppliers and intermediaries, as well as current and anticipated trends, with a focus on today’s hot industry topics. We’ll discuss the emerging technology and its impact on travel management, new types of suppliers and modern distribution patterns, traveler behavior, the need for personalization and policy compliance. Also, we’ll tackle the impact of the pandemic on the business travel industry.

At the end of this course, the participants should know and understand the key concepts, major definitions and classifications, fundamental principles and best practice examples in the area of business travel.

Learning Method / Style of Lessons

Online/offline lectures with interactive sessions and team projects.

Exam Style

Individual project (if the course takes place online)

Written Q&A exam (if the course is offline)

Requested Material
Provided during the course


Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight by Claudia Unger, 2016


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