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A Map of the Mind


This course presents a complete map of the mind, a description of the most important types of mental and psychological phenomena within a unified framework and a series of proposals about their interrelations. Many different kinds of mental and psychological acts, functions, states, dispositions, powers and operations will be considered: admiration, belief, desire, expectation, happiness, hate, identifying, inferring, intention, joy, knowledge, love, memory, pain, perception, preference, ressentiment, sadness and the will. The different metaphysical views about mental and psychological phenomena (dualism, physicalism, functionalism, emergentism etc) will not be discussed except insofar as the description of mental and psychological phenomena throws light on them. Philosophies of the self and of the person will be introduced. The course incorporates many ideas from the two leading philosophical traditions in the philosophy of mind, analytic and phenomenological. But the map rejects many views popular in these two traditions and is a knowledge-first philosophy of the mind.



Mulligan K.

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Master of Arts in Philosophy, Corso a scelta, 1° anno
Master of Arts in Philosophy, Corso a scelta, 2° anno