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Interpersonal Communication and Health


Hannawa A. F.

Docente titolare del corso

Rizzieri M. F.



For a more holistic understanding of interpersonal interactions in our everyday lives and the effects they can have on our health and well-being, we need to attend to both the “bright” and “dark” sides of communication. Surely, each of us has experienced the enabling and disabling effects of interpersonal interactions, the latter of which might include deception, hurtful events, harassment, irresolvable conflicts, and rejection. Furthermore, we inevitably make mistakes that, at times, can inadvertently harm others and even ourselves. This course illuminates this “dark side” of interpersonal communication across various contexts, to complement the far more common “bright side” notions of interpersonal interactions. By doing so, it provides a well-rounded orientation for students to comprehend the complexity of human relations and their effects on our health and well-being. Exemplary case analyses and expert discussions will make this class an unforgettable experience for students, as it will empower them to enable the “bright side” and confront the “dark side” potential of their own interpersonal interactions with the insights they will have gained from this course.

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