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Software Atelier 3: The Web


Pautasso C.

Docente titolare del corso

Atwi H.


Di Lauro F.


Serbout S.



The emphasis during the Web Atelier in the third semester is on client/server programming, model-view-controller, emerging Web technologies and Web design. The Web Atelier will cover the following Web technologies: REST and HTTP, CSS3, HTML5, JSON; students will also learn how to program in JavaScript on the client and on the server-side with Node.JS, the Express framework and MongoDB.


The ultimate goal of the Informatics Atelier is to teach the student to become a computing professional. To this end, the atelier gives an introduction to the role of computing and computer scientists in the professional world as well as society in general and provides an environment for the students to learn about and use specific software tools, work with other students in group projects, and effectively present the results of their projects.

Modalità di insegnamento

In presenza

Impostazione pedagogico-didattica

Students will be supported during their learning with mastery checks, giving them continuous feedback as they progress through the foundational material. Once they have shown mastery, they can start working on projects.

Modalità d’esame

No final exam. Students will be evaluated based on mastery checks and their contribution to team projects.

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