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Labour Economics and Policy


Colella F.

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Part 1. Basic Labor economics models
1. Intro, Labor Supply, Labor Demand
2. Search, Matching, and Unemployment

Part 2. Changes in the labor market
3. Skills, Tasks, and Technological change
4. Migration, Trade, Covid 19 and climate change

Part 3. Discrimination and Policies
5. Discrimination
6. Transfer Policies, Insurances, and Pensions

Part 4. New research in Labor Economics
7. Applied Research Frontier’s Papers Presentation and Discussion
8. Applied Research Frontier’s Papers Presentation and Discussion


Why do some people work and some not? How do individuals sort into jobs? Why do people get hired and fired? How do jobs change in time? Why do some workers earn more than others? These are some of the questions labor economics research try to answer to. This course introduces students to the analysis of labor markets linking basic theoretical insights with empirical patterns. The course covers the core labor economics models and analyzes empirical evidence on the imperfections and the evolution of labor markets. Finally, it surveys recent papers in the field. Students will build an understanding of labor market issues, master the tools to analyze the labor markets and learn how to assess an empirical paper on the topic.

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