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Di Serio C.

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The first part of the course introduces the basic of population epidemiology. Emphasis is placed on how to measure occurrence of disease and on assessing the validity and the reliability of tests. 

The second part will be dedicated to Epidemiological Study design.







The course will furnish students with a robust grasp of the foundational terminology and methodologies in the field of epidemiology, experimental design, statistical methods for sample size determination, the essential principles governing representativeness in observational and clinical epidemiological studies, and an in-depth exploration of population perspectives.

Modalità di insegnamento

In presenza

Impostazione pedagogico-didattica

Each lesson includes a block of 4 hours.  


Modalità d’esame

Final exam will be in January, at the end of the semester during the regular exams sessions.

Assignments: during the course students might receive assignment. These are on voluntary basis and are corrected in class. Students participation to correction of assignments will be evaluated for eventual bonus (up to 1 point of the final grade)



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