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Organizational Behavior (L.)


Lomi A.

Docente titolare del corso


Organizational behavior is a course in applied behavioral and social science that examines the factors influencing individual behavior in organizations. Topics covered include preferences, motivation, incentives, collaboration and conflict within and between teams, and organizational cultures. 


The general objectives of the course is to provide the conceptual tools to:

(i) improve understanding, 

(ii) support thinking, and 

(iii) develop predictions  

about individual and collective behavior within organizations.

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Modalità di insegnamento

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Impostazione pedagogico-didattica

In “Organizational Behavior” learning comes from regular class attendance and participation.Class meetings are based on a mix of traditional lectures, decentralized student-to student interaction, teamwork, role-playing games, and case-based discussion. Reading activities complement, but cannot substitute direct personal involvement in hands-on class activities.  

Modalità d’esame

Evaluation of coursework is based on the combined result of class participation, two mid-term tests and a final exam. 



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