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Silence and Dialogue in Judaism, Christianity, Islam


The course, dealing with the issue of God's silence, offers an introduction to "dialectical opposition" as a possible grammatology of Interreligious dialogue. Through the spiritual itineraries of André Neher, Jalâl âl Dîn Rûmî, and Therese of Lisieux, the students will experience an example of this dialogue between the three great monotheism, conducted in listening to the demands of modern conscience.


  • Learn how to practice, with great respect, a dialogue on the "reciprocal experiences of God", which develops within comparative mysticism.
  • Listen to the spiritual experiences of believers regarding their relationship with the Mystery. In this way, the interreligious dialogue would favor an exceptional experience of divine reality for humanity.

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Modalità d’esame

At the end of each term of the course, the student must take a written examination. It focuses on the topics covered during the course as well as on the texts listed in the bibliography.
The examination consists of an open question. The answer must be 3000 characters long, including spaces.
The examination paper must be uploaded onto the dedicated area on the eLearning platform, during the exam session.
Dates can be consulted in the examination calendar.

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