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Pharmacology / toxicology


The transversal topic “Clinical pharmacology and toxicology” encompasses all aspects of the relationship between drugs and humans. The goal is to improve patient care through the safe, rational and effective - also cost-effective - use of medicines. This topic underpins the rational prescribing of medicines to alleviate symptoms, treat illness and prevent future disease, and also includes the diagnosis and treatment of poisoned patients.

During the first semester, we will focus on medication safety and safe, rational and effective prescribing. We will also briefly discuss the legal bases for prescribing. Furthermore, we will deal with prescribing for patients with impaired renal and liver function, and also cover undesired and clinically relevant drug-drug interactions. We will deal with drug prescribing for older adults, characterized by the issues of polypharmacy, adherence and compliance. A last topic in this semester will be related to drug hypersensitivity and allergy.

Within the second semester we will discuss two main topics: drug use in pregnancy and lactation, and drug prescribing for children.

In the third semester we will focus on clinical toxicology and acute poisoning, also covering the misuse of drugs and psychoactive substances. A further topic of this semester will be adverse drug reactions and pharmacovigilance, and we will conclude with emergency medications

In conclusion, during the fourth semester, clinical applications of pharmacogenetics will be discussed, further to therapeutic drug monitoring and dose adaptation.

We hope you will enjoy this journey between medications and humans!

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