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Engelbert Ruoss



Dr. Engelbert Ruoss – lecturer of the course “Tourism and World Heritage” within the Master in International Tourism and associated expert of the USI UNESCO Chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in the World Heritage Sites – .

He is expert in the field of World Heritage and Biosphere Reserves and launched an initiative to establish a network of model regions regarding integrated development approaches. His main field of research is related to Governance and Management  of UNESCO designated sites, the valorization of cultural and natural heritage for local development and the promotion of sustainable development.
He is a former Director of the UNESCO Office in Venice, the Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe and was as such responsible for the UNESCO program’s implementation in South East Europe. Before joining UNESCO he was consultant in EU programs, manager of the Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve and deputy director of the Museum for Natural History in Lucerne in Switzerland. He holds a PhD in Biology and a Master in Museum Sciences from the Universities in Bern and Basel.


Governance and Management of Protected Areas, especially World Heritge Sites and Biosphere Reserves

Valorization of Heritage for Local Development

Social Media Strategies to Manage Tourism in Heritage Sites