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Michael Gnehm



Michael Gnehm is a research associate at the Accademia di architettura of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in Mendrisio. He received his Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Zurich in 2004 with a book on architecture and language in Gottfried Semper, and his habilitation (second book) in Art and Architectural History from ETH Zurich in 2010 with a work on literary aspects of the description of architecture. He is lecturing at the Department of Architecture of ETH Zurich, and at the Institut d’histoire de l’art et de muséologie of the University of Neuchâtel. At the University of Zurich he developed and taught the e-learning project ‹Architekturkontext› on Renaissance and Baroque architecture from 2011 to 2013. He was awarded the Prix Jubilé of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2006 for an article on the first German translation of Vitruvius in the 16th century. Since 2017, he is project leader of the critical and commented edition of Gottfried Semper’s Der Stil, a collaboration between the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta), ETH Zurich, and the Istituto di storia e teoria dell’arte e dell’architettura (ISA), USI Mendrisio. He is co-editor of two forthcoming books on Gottfried Semper: the critical and commented edition of Semper’s London Writings, 1850–1855, and the edited book Architectural History and Globalised Knowledge: Gottfried Semper in London. Recent articles include the chapter ‹Holy Roman Empire, Germany, Austria, and Central Europe, 1400–1815› in the 21st edition of Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture (2020), together with the co-authored chapter ‹Central Europe (Germany and Austro-Hungarian Empire), 1815–1914›. In his teaching and in his further research, Michael Gnehm focuses on architectural positions of the 20th and 21st centuries against the background of the relationship between the present and history.