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Mattia Albertini



Mattia Albertini is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Institute of Economics (IdEP) of the Università della Svizzera italiana. He is broadly interested in microeconometrics, spanning from application in Health, Urban, Labour and Environmental Economics. He is teaching assistant for Microeconomics A, Macroeconomics B at the Bachelor and Textual Analysis and Spatial Data for Economists at Master's level. He obtained a Bachelor in Economics from the Università di Pavia, a Master of Science in Economics with a minor in Data Science at USI, and he successfully completed all modules of the program for Beginning Doctoral Students in Economics at the Gerzensee's Study Center, a Swiss National Bank foundation.


His main research area is applied econometrics. The applications span from Health, Urban, Labour and Environmental economics. He is interested in the long run mental health and labour market effects of doctors' propensities to prescribe benzodiazepines. He is also conducting studies on the consequences of residential integration in transnational economies, and the effects on the real estate market. Moreover, he is also interested on the capitalization of actuarially unfair insurance premium rates on the real estate market at the realization of a natural hazard.