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Chiara Mercuri



Chiara Mercuri is a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at IALS (Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics) under the supervision of Prof. Sara Greco. Her PhD dissertation concerns the study of conflicting frames in argumentative discussions about fashion sustainability. She holds a Bachelor in Communication Sciences from USI (CH) and a Master in Strategic Communication from the University of Liverpool in London (UK).

Before starting her PhD, Chiara held a university teacher role at the University of Liverpool in London (UK) and collaborated in a project aimed at improving the design of food-assistant bots to increase users’ engagement. She also worked as a strategist in the advertising industry.

Her main research interests include the study of argumentation and rhetoric in strategic communication contexts (e.g. crowdfunding narratives) and in social controversies such as fashion sustainability.

Chiara is an elected member of the Academic Senate at USI.