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Serena Petrocchi



Serena Petrocchi is a Researcher working at the Institute of Communication and Health (ICH). She served also as a Lecturer of the course "Introduction to Public Health" for the Master in Communication Management and Health. She is graduated in Psychology and obtained her Ph.D in Psychology at Catholic University, Milan, Italy.  

Serena’s research interests are mainly focused within the domains of patient-doctor relationship, intra- and interpersonal factor affecting well-being, and parent-child relationship. She studied the role that several interpersonal psychological factors (i.e., theory of mind, empathy, interpersonal trust, self-efficacy) play on the adherence to medical regime, working alliance between psychologist and patient, patient’s quality of life and personal well-being. She also analyzed the association between quality of parents-child attachment relationship and parental reaction to the diagnosis of child’s autism. She is interested in topics such as theory of mind, interpersonal trust, emotional intelligence and emotion recognition. 

From 2010 and 2012, she worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Keele University (UK), under a Marie Curie action. The project dealt with the role that interpersonal trust plays in the treatment of children and young people with asthma and diabetes.

After that, she worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow under the “5x1000” funding Program of the Università del Salento (Italy). The purpose of the project was to analyze the role that interpersonal psychological factors play in the quality of working alliance of patients with eating disorders. 

She has a wide experience also as a Lecturer developed at the Catholic University (Milan, Italy), University of Milano-Bicocca (Milan, Italy), and Università del Salento (Brindisi, Italy). She taught several courses within the areas of risk communication, developmental and clinical psychology, psychometrics, data analysis, and psychological testing.