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Peter Johannes Schulz



Peter J. Schulz is Director of the Institute of Communication and Health at the University of Lugano, Switzerland and Professor of Communication Theories and Health Communication. In his work he has sought to bring together thinking from the humanities, social sciences, and information technology to investigate important issues in health communications. His recent work in the field of health communication research focuses on health literacy and empowerment, doctor-patient communication, and on media effect in the health domain such as the impact of Internet use on adolescents’ health. He has published more than 170 articles on health communication in a multitude of peer-reviewed publications. Together with Paul Cobley, London, he is an editor of the Series Handbooks of Communication Science (HoCS, 35 volumes, Berlin: DeGruyter & Mouton). Since 2017 he is also Honorary Professor at ANU (Australian National University, Canberra).

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