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Suzanna Marazza



Suzanna Marazza is a collaborator at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)'s eLearning Lab (http://www.elearninglab.org) and works as legal consultant on several projects dealing with digital law - ranging from copyright to data protection, especially within academia.

She works for the project CCdigitallaw (https://ccdigitallaw.ch/index.php/english) which is a competence center in digital law for Swiss Higher Education Institutions, doing workshops and responding to requests in Italian, German, French and English related to copyright, licensing and data protection.

Another project she currently works on is the development of the DMLawTool, a software that aims at helping researchers in dealing with possible legal issues they might encounter during research data collection and management.

She's also part of the team working on the new project MAPAW (Making A Privacy Aware World), which aims at communicating research on data privacy in order to create awareness on personal data issues and privacy risks for the end users of digital and mobile online technologies.

Apart from USI, she's been also working for the Cantonal public administration and jurisdiction for several years.

She speaks five languages and she is finishing her master's degree in law at the Università dell'Insubria (Italy), where she studies both Swiss and Italian law with a criminal law profile. 

In the past, she did several internships in public, contract and criminal law fields in Canton Ticino and abroad.