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Guido Garavaglia



Professor Dr.med. Guido Garavaglia is accredited surgeon Head of Research and Teaching at the Clinica Ars Medica in Gravesano, where he specializes in shoulder and knee surgery.

In 2016 he was nominated Professor at the Geneva University Hospitals where he is in charge of the radiological registry of the Geneva Hip Arthroplasty Registry and has several teachings and examining assignments (EFMH-ECOS).

Since 2019 Professor Dr.med.Guido Garavaglia has also become Adjunct Professor at the University of Lugano (USI), Faculty of Biomedical Sciences.


- Garavaglia G. Hannouche D., Lubbeke A. Influence of statin use on osteolysis progression after primary cemented THA.

- Gonzalez A., Garavaglia G., Hannouche D., Lubbeke A. Influence of smoking on the stem revision rate for aseptic loosening in primary elective THA.

- Garavaglia G, Amanda G, Barea C, Peter R, Hoffmeyer P, Lübbeke A, Hannouche D.

Short stem total hip arthroplasty with the direct anterior approach: 5-year follow-up demonstrates radiological alterations indicating suboptimal stem fixation