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Renata Stenka



Renata Stenka is currently an Associate Professor of Accounting at Keele ManagementSchool in the UK. She has been involved in developing and delivering several undergraduateand postgraduate courses as well as in conducting a doctoral supervision.
Dr Stenka has been a Director of the Accounting and Finance Degree in Keele sinceSeptember 2007. She joined Keele University in 2004 after completing her PhD infinancial accounting at the University of Liverpool where she taught on a wide rangeof programmes in Economics, Finance and Accounting. Before that, she studied atthe University of Szczecin in Poland and the University of Odense in Denmark whereshe was awarded the national scholarship by the Danish government. Her currentresearch interests focus on convergence and compliance issues relevant to the implementationof International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) worldwide. Herresearch also considers the political interplay in the international accounting regulatorydomain reaching far beyond the pluralist, one-dimensional view of power andrule-making. She is a recipient of awards from the British Academy for her researchprojects.