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Pietro Benedusi



I got a Bachelor degree in Physics at Università degli studi di Pavia in Italy with a thesis about Neutrino Oscillations and a Master degree in Computational Science and Applied Mathematics at USI with a thesis at ETH Zurich about space-time solvers for time-periodic flows. I received my PhD from USI working on parallel space-time approaches applied to the simulation arising from cardiac electrophysiology.

I am currently a postdoc researcher collaboration with the Institute of Solar Research in Locarno (IRSOL), studying the numerics involved in the simulation of radiative transfer in stellar atmospheres.

My research activity includes:

parallel-in-time and multilevel solvers for PDEs arising from computational medicine and astrophysics. High-performance computing on massively parallel machines. Space-time discretization and spectral analysis of differential operators.

I have been teaching assistant for the following courses: Linear Algebra, Introduction to Computational Science, Introduction to PDEs, Theory of Computation and Fast Solvers.