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Maria Giuseppina Chiara Nestola





I am currently post doc fellow in the group High Performance Methods for Numerical Simulation in Science, Medicine and Engineering (group leader Prof. Krause) and at the departement of Petrolium and Geochemestry at ETH Zurich (Group Leader Prof. Thomas Driesner).

My main research interests concern the development of novel mathemetical modelsbased on immersed boundary methods mainly motivated by biomedicine and geophysics applications.

I am also actively collaborating with Center for Computational Medicine in Cardiology for biomedical applicatiod trelated to the cardiovascular system.

I am also the administrator of FOMICS (please have a look at http://fomics.usi.ch)

My main reserch topics include fluid structure interaction for heart valves, thermo fluid structure interaction for geophysics applications, immersed-boundary techniques for discrete fracture network, contact problems, non conforming methods for fracture network modelling.

I am one of the main developers of AV-flow which is a fluid-structrure intercation software library based on the immersed boundary method. I am also the main developersof parrot a software library for fracture network modelling, and a co-developer of utopia a software library for linear algebra.

Currently, I am partially affiliated with the Department of Earth Sciences of ETH Zurich, where I am working on the development of a tool for the nearly real-time simulation to forecast and assess seismicity and thermal evolution in geothermal reservoirs ethz_affil. I mainly focus on the use of Multilevel Monte Carlo methods for the probabilistic hazard assessment of the seismicity events related to the enhanced geothermal systems. I am also involved in the development of a software library for the simulation of single phase flow and transport phenomena in fractured porous media based on the use of the adaptive mesh refinement techniques ~\url{https://github.com/favinom/parrot/}, and I have recently joined a benchmark call~\ to validate the proposed methodology.

I joined several projects among which:

FASTER- Forecasting and Assessing Seismicity and Thermal Evolution in geothermal Reservoirs (PASC) PI: Thomas Driesner (ETHZ), Co-PIs: Stefan Wiemer (ETHZ), Rolf Krause (USI Lugano), Domenico Giardini (ETHZ)

SCCER-SoE - Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research Supply of Electricity.

HPC-PREDICT - High-Performance Computing for the Prognosis of Adverse Aortic Events - Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC)
PI: Dominik Obrist (Uni Bern), Co-PIs: Sebastian Kozerke, Ender Konukoglu (ETH Zurich), Thierry Carrel, Hendrik von Tengg-Kobligk (Uni Bern), Rolf Krause (USI Lugano).

AV-FLOW - A Software Library for Fluid Structure Interaction Problems Based on Variational Transfer Immersed Boundary Method - Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) PI: Dominik Obrist (Uni Bern), Co-PI: Rolf Krause (USI Lugano).