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MUGEN - Integrated functional Genomics in mutant mouse models as tools to investigate the complexity of Human Immunological Disease



Lanzavecchia A.


Grassi F.


Sallusto F.



MUGEN aims, to structure and shape a world-class network of European scientific and technological excellence in the field of 'murine models of human immunological diseases', to advance understanding of the genetic basis of disease and to enhance innovation and translatability of research efforts. MUGEN's specific mission is to bring together different expertise from academic and industrial laboratories in order to study human immunological disease by integrating the participant's strengths in immunological knowledge with new approaches in functional genomics. In this way MUGEN expects to bring Europe a competitive advantage in the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. In concert, MUGEN will promote training of young researchers and exploitation, dissemination and communication of scientific and technological excellence both within and outside of the network, to include all interested stakeholders in the area of human immunological diseases. Instrumental to the realization of these objectives is MUGEN's strong and coherent management framework, which employs a solid organizational infrastructure, and introduces novel network support instruments to achieve effective decision-making and planning. With all these activities, MUGEN will make a significant contribution to the establishment of the European Research Area and to Innovation.

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European Commission
European and International Programmes / Framework Programme 6