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Codes and conventions for future Zurich: A Propositional Planning Approach to Qualitative Densification



Sergison J.


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Avermaete Tom

(Co-responsabile esterno)


A research proposal by Prof. Jonathan Sergison (AAM) and Prof. Tom Avermaete (ETH Zurich) has recently received funding from the Swiss National Science Fund. This 4-year project uniquely combines historical and design-led research to explore urban strategies for housing the anticipated 25% population increase that Zurich faces in the next 20 years. A ‘retroactive analysis’ of the historical evolution of building codes, as well as of the specific urban types and morphologies they have generated, offers the basis for ‘propositional planning’ investigations of their required future adjustment to allow for a process of densification while maintaining urban quality. This project will be undertaken collaboratively with ISUP, AAM and gta, ETH Zurich. Prof. Sergison and Prof. Avermaete will be working with Dr Irina Davidovici as project partner, and with two doctoral students and a postdoctoral project coordinator

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48 Mesi
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ETH Zürich
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Swiss National Science Foundation / Project Funding / Humanities and social sciences (Division I)