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Semantic TEI - Semantic Text Publishing as Open Research Data



Chestnova E.



This project is conceived as an extension to existing practices and response to existing needs. It addresses currently poor state of open data in the field of textual scholarship, starting from but not limited to digital scholarly editing, by developing a Semantic TEI ontology and associated prototype tools that will make it easier to share and re-use large volumes of textual data. The project will pave the way to developing possibilities for publishing text and textual data in ORD-conformant ways which do not exist at the moment beyond niche environments (DTS/CTS). It will work with an existing community around TEI which is functional and well-developed in representing text but limited in Linked Data capabilities. The project will expand the existing community and practices by making it possible to represent text in the form of knowledge graphs while exploiting the advantages of an established standard. The result will be an expansion to the TEI standard that will be ready for integration into Semantic web, while remaining easily communicable
to practitioners. The potential benefits of the project are not limited to digital editing scholars or even to the humanities overall, as they will offer new possibilities for any branch of science that publishes or works with text.

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Semantic TEI
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18 Mesi
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Swiss Confederation
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Uni Zürich, Uni Bern, DaSCH Basel, Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur (Mainz, DE)
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