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OPINION - What are Opinions? Integrating Theory and Methods for Automatically Analyzing Opinionated Communication



Crestani F.



OPINION will establish the field of textual opinion research, a critical upgrade for the emerging field of computational communication science. For the first time bringing together researchers studying opinionated text across and beyond Europe, the Action aims to provide the much-needed conceptual grounding, methodological integration and training to significantly advance the use of computational methods for studying digital text. OPINION convenes early- and mid-career researchers from 30 European countries, Israel, Russia and the US, integrating cutting-edge expertise from different disciplines (notably, communication science, computational linguistics, IT) while networking the many, hitherto largely disconnected language communities of textual researchers. The Action will develop united conceptual foundations and research agendas, as well as versatile computational measurement strategies for the study of opinionated text, while advancing computational skills and building a community of computational textual opinion researchers. 

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48 Mesi
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European Commission
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European and International Programmes / COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology / Cost Action