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New frontiers in biological and environmental determinants of aging



Alimonti A.



Due to the continual rise in longevity in Western nations and the resulting growth in the old population, the last two decades have seen an increasing number of studies on the factors impacting the quality of aging.

The two-day Forum provides various possibilities to learn about and discuss innovative concepts, hot themes, current aging challenges, new opportunities for achieving sustainable networking, and more.

The biology of aging will be discussed in the first part. International leaders in the field will describe the most recent progress in the molecular, cellular, and organismal basis of aging. In the second part, the critical role of social connections in shaping our happiness, health, and longevity will be discussed, as well as the ways in which society hinders or helps us. The role of arts and cultural engagement in supporting health in old age will be presented using epidemiological data.

In order to position longevity medicine as a solid clinical and academic discipline, it is incumbent to initiate and facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue and on bridging the gap between healthcare providers and interdisciplinary experts. The meeting format is designed to maximize networking among participants and will be held in Bellinzona, on August 31st and in Zurich on September 1st, 2023.

The applicant is mainly involved in the organization of the first day of the forum, while the IBSA Foundation for scientific research is managing the second day of the Forum at ETH. However, the two days are strongly connected, as two renowned speakers will be present on both days.

With this application, we request support for the three international speakers hosted in Bellinzona.

The first day of the Forum will be held at Bios+ (Bellinzona Institutes of Science) the new building that hosts the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR), the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB), and translational laboratories of the cantonal hospital (EOC).

This event will update the scientists and society about the factors (biological and emotional) that influence aging and where the research stays in this field.

Our research community at Bios+ intends to focus more on the biology of aging and age-related disorders in the near future and create a network of national and international collaborations.

Thanks to the invited speakers' precious advice, we expect to increase the scientific community's motivation and plan the Institute's future directions.

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