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Resources and Services Virtualization without Barriers



Pezzè M.



Resources and Services Virtualization without Barriers is an European Union FP7 funded project that will enable massive scale deployment and management of complex IT services across different administrative domains, IT platforms and geographies. The project will provide a foundation for a service-based online economy, where - using virtualization technologies - resources and services are transparently provisioned and managed on an on-demand basis at competitive costs with high quality of service.

Web 2.0 is rapidly taking hold, offering "the web as a platform". In parallel, traditional client-server computing is starting to lose ground as a new paradigm emerges - the Cloud Computing paradigm. Cloud Computing allows data centers to operate more like the Internet by enabling computing across a distributed, globally accessible fabric of resources, delivering service based on demand over the web, reducing software complexity and costs, expediting time-to-market, improving reliability and enhancing accessibility of consumers to government and business services. Thus, Cloud Computing represents a true materialization of Service-Oriented Computing´s visionary promise. In RESERVOIR, we are developing breakthrough system and service technologies that will serve as the infrastructure for Cloud Computing. We aim to achieve this goal by creative coupling of virtualization, grid computing, and business service management techniques.

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European Commission
European and International Programmes / Framework Programme 7