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Smart World - Schermi intelligenti



Bronstein M.


Kovnatsky A.



Intelligent public display systems have been an active area of research for over twenty years and an important part of the “Smart World” vision. The goal of our project is to create a system of attentive displays deployed in a crowded place that are able to grasp the situational context of its viewers and use this information to adapt their behavior. A 3D sensor will be used to gather the depth picture of the environment surrounding the display; employing computer vision algorithms, statistical “meta-behavior” of the crowd associated with a particular time or certain routines will be inferred. This information will then be used to adapt the behavior of the display to influence or control the behavior of the crowd. Building a system of networked attentive displays that are able to collaborate, it will be possible to create an intelligent environment that will significantly improve the effectiveness of outdoor advertisements or solve important tasks of crowd flow control in security applications and smart building navigation.

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Smart World
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36 Mesi
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Competitive Foundations / Hasler Foundation