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SCC-COMPUTING - Strategic collaboration with China on super-computing based on Tianhe-1A



Binder W.



In 2010, the TOP500 project, which ranks and details the 500 most powerful known computer systems in the world since the year of 1993, announced that the worlds most powerful computer system is Tianhe 1A in China (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TOP500). This project aims at establishing a strategic collaboration with the host and developer of this computer system in China to explore a range of research issues, which can be highlighted as: (i) further test and evaluation with complex computing tasks, especially those in the areas of modelling, simulation, visualization and imaging etc, and hence identify a range of research challenges for further development in the area of computing systems as well as their applications; (ii) discussion with series of targeted workshops and seminars to explore and generate ideas in further developing super computer architectures, algorithms, configurations, and any other important issues across the boundaries of software engineering, distributed computing, cloud computing, and grid computing etc. (iii) exchange visits and personnel in developing the discussed ideas into project proposals and research programmes. (iv) joint publications and other dissemination activities; (v) establishing long-term collaborations in addressing ambitious and challenging research issues. The SCC-Computing has drawn a strong consortium with complementary expertise and multi-disciplinary research know-how to ensure successful delivery of this project, leading to fruitful discussion and initiation of new ideas for further research on super-computing systems.

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European Commission
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