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Open Interaction Systems: an approach based on Artificial Institutions, Environments, and Institutioanal Spaces



Fornara N.



This research project is in the area of open interaction systems that is, of software systems in which different programs, regarded as heterogeneous autonomous agents, interact and negotiate with other agents according to a shared set of rules, in order to achieve their individual goals. The first goal of this project is the definition of a conceptual model for the specification of open interaction systems based on the notion of artificial institutions and of environment by extending it to mediated also social interaction. The second goal is to formalize the model using a declarative language that will make possible to quickly implement a prototype of a system for the realization of an e-Energy market. The project will have an impact on basic research with the publication of relevant papers for the multiagent community and an impact on applied research thanks to the realization of a prototype.

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12 Mesi
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Competitive Foundations / Hasler Foundation