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GeoGreen - Optimizing green energy and grid load by geographical steering of energy consumption



Bondi U.


Kaitovic I.


Lukovic S.



GeoGreen projects aims at bringing another approach to energy balance and overall power system stability. Introducing a concept of mobile consumer, it considers consumption mobility both in terms of time and space. In particular, electric vehicles and Data Centers’ processing tasks, as typical cases of mobile consumers and their impact on power grid, better energy usage efficiency, grid stability and picks shaving will be considered. Besides development of both structural and functional system model, the project will explore optimal control strategies and scheduling algorithms for mobile consumers, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) applications and analysis of storing energy in big functional buildings.Using experience from embedded systems design, ALaRI is in the role of developing a hierarchical system model, starting with a high-level one, abstracted from implementation details and allowing a comprehensive overview of the system. Achieved model will serve not only as a mutual understanding platform of such a complex system, but support initial validation and evaluation of the concept, efficient design space exploration, subsequent refinements and evolutions.

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