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A Recursive Algebraic Coloring Technique for Hardware-Efficient Symmetric Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication

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ALAPPAT C., Hager G., Schenk O., Thies J., Basermann A., Bishop A., Fehske H., Wellein G.
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The symmetric sparse matrix-vector multiplication (SymmSpMV) is an important building block for many numerical linear algebra kernel operations or graph traversal applications. Parallelizing SymmSpMV on today’s multicore platforms with up to 100 cores is difficult due to the need to manage conflicting updates on the result vector. Coloring approaches can be used to solve this problem without data duplication, but existing coloring algorithms do not take load balancing and deep memory hierarchies into account, hampering scalability and full-chip performance. In this work, we propose the recursive algebraic coloring engine (RACE), a novel coloring algorithm and open-source library implementation, which eliminates the shortcomings of previous coloring methods in terms of hardware efficiency and parallelization overhead. We describe the level construction, distance-k coloring, and load balancing steps in RACE, use it to parallelize SymmSpMV, and compare its performance on 31 sparse matrices with other state-of-the-art coloring techniques and Intel MKL on two modern multicore processors. RACE outperforms all other approaches substantially and behaves in accordance with the roofline model. Outliers are discussed and analyzed in detail.
ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing
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sparse matrix, sparse symmetric matrix-vector multiplication, graph algorithms, graph coloring, scheduling, memory hierarchies