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Touch in Text. The Communication of Tactility in Fashion E-Commerce Garment Descriptions

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Touch is central to the embodied experience of material garments. Passive touch sensations convey how dress feels on the skin, and active touch ena-bles the perception and appreciation of its material properties, as the term “fabric hand” aptly implies. In fact, the subjectively perceived tactile at-tributes of materials have been described and categorized into ad-hoc lexi-cons by means of sensory evaluation research procedures involving both expert and non-expert panellists. These vocabularies provide a semantic framework for the description of garment materials from a consumer per-spective. Thus, they can also serve as an interpretative lens for how tactility is communicated to online viewers. However, a pragmatic, qualitative in-vestigation into a representative sample of popular fashion e-commerce websites indicates that references to touch within garment page descrip-tions are sparse. Given e-commerce’s relevance for fashion brands, improv-ing communication of touch in text presents opportunities.
Atti di conferenza
Fashion Communication: Proceedings of the FACTUM 21 Conference
Nome conferenza
Luogo conferenza
Pamplona, Spain
Data conferenza
28 June - 1 July, 2021
Kalbaska, N., Sádaba, T., Cominelli, F., Cantoni, L., & Torregrossa, M. (Eds.)
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touch, haptics, digital fashion communication, fashion e-commerce